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About April Tax Solutions

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Solution Specialists for Calgary and Canadian businesses.


Our Unique Formula

April Tax Solutions is quickly becoming an industry leader at accounting and bookkeeping for Calgary and Canadian businesses by combining the latest templated documentation with highly qualified business professionals, in a truly unique formula!

Our Vision

We are North America’s trusted source for tax solutions needs. We are known as “life listeners” and apply unique, customized tax solutions that benefit our clients.
Our staff is positive, friendly and respectful of each other and of our clients.
We wish to uncover tax solutions not currently used and create greater disposable income as our result.
We wish to financially show people “how to fish” to feed their business and their lifestyle for their lifetime.

Our Mission Statement

We strengthen the financials of your business by minimizing the tax payable through balancing business with personal life events.
We effectively listen to business owners to establish the proper and deserved tax solutions, unique to their situation.
We improve the wealth of our clients to help in accelerating their business goals.

Our Core Values

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time-to-time, situation-to-situation or person-to-person, but form the foundation of our corporate culture. Many people feel that April Tax Solutions is an exciting company of which to be a part. These core values are the primary reasons for this feeling, and they transcend our size and our growth rate. By maintaining these core values, regardless of how large a company April Tax Solutions becomes, we can preserve what has always been special about our company. These core values are the soul of our company.

Accuracy, Commitment to improve

• Towards client's taxes
• Improving ourselves
• Strengthening compliance between CRA and our clients

Integrity, trust and respect of others

• Between staff and with our clients

Commitment to work/life balance

• Building a positive Team and Family Spirit

Grateful appreciation

• For staff effort and cross-function support
• For our wonderful clients who provide us with referrals and mentions
• Unconditional gratitude (where no benefit exists)

Commitment to Positive Tax Solutions


Here is why we are the right choice for small business owners.


When we meet with clients, we really want to see that we can work together. We want to make sure that we are the right accountants for you and you are the right client for us. That's why we spend the time up front, asking the pertinent questions about you and your business.


• Most of our Accountants have the highest designation possible

Most of our Accountants have over 10 years of experience in dealing with small businesses


• We will never advise a client on an issue if we do not firmly believe in the correctness and integrity of the answer.

• We will only bill for the value we add to your business.


• Whether it's bookkeeping, accounting or tax engagement, initial evaluation time or avoiding interest and penalties, we will save you money.

The expertise of an accountant comes into play in building personal wealth for each and every one of you. The knowledge that a good accountant and tax consultant can bring to bear on your personal situation can save you money in both the short term and the long term.