Our Calgary Accounting Staff

One of the most personable team of accountants Calgary has to offer. April Tax Solutions' staff includes chartered accountants, small business accountants, management accountants, certified public accountants, and tax accountants.


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Mike April, President

Mike started in business as a property investor in 2004. Over the next four years, he was about to experience a huge gap in accounting practices. Mike realized that small businesses were not receiving consistent and sound guidance on how to organize their accounting. It's important to utilize ever-changing tax strategies to minimize taxes, not only now, but also throughout the life of the business and continuing into retirement. Mike's purpose is to ensure that every business owner can focus on why they got into business - to make money at what they're good at - their craft! And to rely on the April Tax Solutions Team to ensure compliance with CRA, minimize their tax payable, and most importantly - to keep their wealth.

Devon Foster - April Tax Solutions

Devon Foster, Business Manager

Devon has been working with small business owners for a few years now and will make sure that she assesses your needs accurately and also makes sure that they are met in a timely fashion. Devon came to April Tax Solutions having a diversified background that includes debt collections as well as business development for both small and medium-sized businesses and in-house experience with administration, planning, corporate and personal income tax and also business solutions. Devon's outgoing personality and professional attitude make her really easy to work with.


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Farah Pasamonte, Accountant

Farah worked in the Phillipines as an accountant for more than 20 years before coming to Canada. She is a world traveller and avid hiker. Farah came to our Calgary office in 2013 and is dedicated to making your financial life easier with fast, accurate accounting practices. Whether you require assistance with bookkeeping or need help with accounting, Farah is always available to assist you and her past experience in the Philippines means that you can feel comforted that you are getting the right expertise from an experienced accountant.



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Qaiser Ali, Accountant

Ali is inspired by working with business owners to understand their business needs and to formulate and utilize the best strategies that will gain you, the business owner, the optimum tax position. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration/Accounting from Mount Royal University. He also comes with a Business Diploma from SAIT. He has successfully completed Level 4 CGA and is in the process of transferring to the new accounting designation of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Ali is very detailed in his review of business (and personal) tax returns and has found several thousands of dollars for clients who move to our services.