"I really do not know where to start but I had to write this. Thank You for helping me with my taxes. When I had some issues with my taxes, I had gone to another company. They gladly took my money and provided no services at all. They did not deal with the issues and frustrated both Revenue Canada and myself. I received promises and platitudes but nothing else. Finally I fired them and demanded my records back. They would not agree to be fired and would not give me back my records till the following week. When I showed up they quit and gave me back my records with some rudimentary work that I believe a secretary had finally done in the last week. I might add, they have not returned my money. When I went to you, things were done in days... Taxes were filed and solutions were found. In fact you kept on me to ensure I do what I should. How refreshing!!! A company that cares about their clients, gets the job done and quickly. What more could I ask for? Well, nothing actually. So I am saying Thank You. It seems so insufficient, but I had to write and show my true appreciation." Colin Darrow, Property Investor