Canadian Child Tax Benefit Policy

Canada Child Tax Benefit Calculator

This handy Canada Child Tax Benefit calculator will help you determine savings your family may receive from the new policy.

So our new Federal government just rolled out its first budget since coming to power which ultimately impacts our pocketbooks.  Our former government introduced different programs that sometimes hit families harder than it helped. Our new government’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau now wants to address some of the policy holes or unfairness that they feel existed.

Maclean’s magazine created a calculator that shows the money impact this will have on your Canada Child Tax Benefit and whether its more money for you, or perhaps less.  Try the calculator below and see how this 2016 change will impact your family.

Link: http://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/how-much-the-canada-child-benefit-will-help-your-family/

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