Calgary Estate Planning

Create an administrative plan which accurately and specifically accounts for the distribution of one’s wealth and assets before or after death through legal documents like trusts, gifts, wills and power-of-attorney.  Advance planning ensures that your intent and direction are distinctly clear, and serves to prevent bitter disagreements if not highlighted in advance. Paramount to asset retention and succession planning is a structure that protects your assets both while you are alive AND after you are gone. Introducing the Specialized Trust Strategy or STS. You can achieve total asset privacy and impenetrable asset protection, just like the super wealthy. The Rockefeller’s note that “the key to the system is to give up ownership but retain control.” Thus, your assets are totally protected from the ravages of lawsuits, capital gains & estate taxes, and legal & probate fees, all while remaining completely private from the prying eyes of asset predators. Your estate passes instantly to your successors with no possibility of drawn-out contests from would-be heirs or challenges by CRA on a final tax return. We can show you how to incorporate this powerful structure and help administer it with all the taxable advantages it affords.

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